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All the APIs you need for mortgage loans

Europace offers many APIs to realize your own apps, business processes and solutions for mortgage loans.

Our API documentation is constantly being developed and kept up to date. If you have any questions, feel free to contact helpdesk@europace2.de

For translation of our german domain-specific-language the glossary will support you.

In the following, we will give you a brief overview of Europace and explain the most important terms and concepts. These will be found in the further documentation.


Europace is a platform on which, as in a marketplace, supply and demand of consumer- and mortgage loans are brought together. We refer to the demand side as the Vertriebsorganisationen, and the supply side as the Produktanbieter.

Since the advice for consumer loans and mortgage loans is very different, we at Europace have two products for this - KreditSmart for consumer loans and BaufiSmart for mortgage loans.

BaufiSmart für die Baufinanzierung


On the sales side, approximately 35,000 financial advisors work with BaufiSmart, brokering products from over 700 banks and insurance companies. The following steps and terms are important here:

  1. The Verbraucher is the end customer looking for the right financing for his project. In the process, he is advised by a financial advisor.
  2. The Vorgang contains all data that a financial advisor enters into the platform in the course of a consultation. The advisory process is documented in the case.
  3. With the data erfassten Daten, the consultant is able to use the platform to create a Angebot zu ermitteln.
  4. A Angebot consists of one or more financing modules.
  5. The financial advisor accepts one or more Angebote. In the process, Anträge are created.
  6. Several Anträge can arise from one Vorgang.
  7. Anträge are accessed by a Produktanbieter and a Kreditentscheidung is brought about. Each Produktanbieter has access only to its own Anträge.
  8. The consumer receives his loan (if the credit decision is positive).

If you want to go deeper, the Helpcenter is a good place to start.

Terms of use

The APIs are made available under the following Terms of Use.


The APIs are divided into the following domains:


Use cases of our APIs in order to enable a simple and fast implementation.


How to collect data and support advisory


How to get offers for mortgage loans

Loan approval

How to validate applications easy


How to handle documents, papers and proofs