Authorization API

The Authorization API provides authorization to Europace for APIs. It is a mandatory requirement for using Europace APIs.

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  • login user to use europace-apis with his identity

When using which flow?

Authorization API provides different flows to get an access_token which is required for each Europace API.

Overview OAuth2 flows

  • client-credential-flow ✅
  • authorization-code-flow ✅
  • ressource-owner-password-flow (not supported)
  • implicit-flow (not supported)
  • authorization-code-flow with Proof Key for Code Exchange (PKCE) (not supported)

Comparison possible flows

The first and easiest way is the client-credential-flow, which is suitable when you want to get access as Europace partner to your own organization. The second way is the authorization-code-flow, which is suitable when your are an app-provider who want to provide all users of Europace an integration with your app.

 client credential flowauth code flow
 usecase you are sales org or loan provider on Europaceyou provide a tool, which integrates Europace 
 user self servicenot necessary yes
accessrestricted to user of an organization potentially all user who can login
behavior   no user interaction required user must approve client, user interaction in browser required
 required ways backend browser and backend
required scopesimpersonateopenid, profile (optional)

How to register your client?

The client registration is the entrypoint for your app to get access to Europace data. In the authorization-code-flow the users are approving your app (client) to access there data. Therefor it is important to decribe your app understandable for the users.

Please note that by using the APIs, you automatically agree to the Europace API Terms of Use.

apply client-registration

Please use the link above to send us the following information:

  • partnerId
  • client name
  • client description for the user
  • contact email address for operational queries
  • short description of the usecase (goal)
  • required scopes
  • flow (client-credential-flow or auth-code-flow)
  • if flow=auth-code-flow:
    • redirect-uri
      • for callback
      • one or more are possible, e.g. stage-systems
      • the process is restricted to the registered redirect-uris for security purpose)

After a short check with the owner (Europace partner) we will register your client immediately and provide you with the client-id and client-secret in your personal link list in Europace.

How to implement your flow?