We have a lot of German words in our APIs, here we explain what they mean

German name Translation Description
Angebot offer loan proposal, financial solution, not binding until approval
Antrag / Anträge application(s) can contain more than one partial application (multi lender constellation)
Antragsnummer application-id e.g. HU1242/2/1, format {case-id}/{application}/{multi lender iterator}
Antragsteller applicant the applicant of a loan, an application can have 1 or 2 applicants
Baufinanzierung mortgage loan money you get to buy a property
Bausparkasse building society a specific type of loan provider
Bearbeiter editor the person who currently edits a Vorgang
Benutzername username user-identifier, often a unique email
Beschäftigung profession the profession of the applicant
Dokument document a file containing a bunch of pages
Echtgeschäftsvorgang / Echtgeschäftsvorgänge real business case(s) cases to use in production
Einstellungsrecht setting right e.g. to manage teams
Finanzierungsvorschlag financial proposal document with a proposal for a financial solution
Finanzierungszweck purpose of financing the reason why the loan is needed, eg. for buying a car, modernising the house or something else
Fernabsatzgeschäft remote sales sales where the agent and the applicant are not physically at the same location for the whole process
Freigabe share action to give another person access to a file or ressource
Freigabestatus sharing state state of document arrival
Handelsbeziehung trade relation a relationship between agent and bank which is configured in the Europace Partnermanagement
Haushaltsposition household item all income and expenses of a household (private health insurance, property, rent, …)
Immobilie property buidling, flat or piece of land you want to own
Kreditbetrag loan amount the amount that is needed for the loan
Kreditsachbearbeiter loan officer role, which is approving an application after validation
Kunde customer, consumer person who need money for there needs or mortgages
Kundenbetreuer agent, advisor role, wich is advising the customer for loans
Laufzeit duration the duration chosen for the loan
machbares Angebot / machbare Angebote feasible offer an offer that was calculated as feasible, a firm answer can be only given after accepting it though
Organisation organisation partner-type
Partnerkennzeichen partner-identifier loan provider identifiers for sales organisations
Person user user with role (partner-type)
Plakette tree-element element in partner-tree
Produktanbieter loan provider e.g. bank, insurance, building society
Provision commission payment for arranged financing
Rate monthly payment the amount the applicant will be paying for the loan
Ratenkredit consumer loan money you borrow for your needs
Sachbearbeiter clerk role, wich is supporting the advisor by adding data, validate the solution and/or find the best solution
Seite page element in a document
Schaufensterkondition showcase conditions conditions based on a minimal set of data, not yet personalized for an applicant
Testvorgang / Testvorgänge test case(s) cases to use on test stages
Unterlage paper, proof document to support the financial situation of the customer
 Unterlagenkategorie categorization information document type we recognized
Unterlagenanforderungen  needed proofs  list of needed proofs, different for every loan provider
 Unterlagenzuordnung assignment document-relation to customer, mortgage or other entities in the case
Übernahmerecht right to take over the right to take over a Vorgang from another Kundenbetreuer / Bearbeiter
Vertriebskanal sales channel the channel the loan is sold through, eg. B2B, B2B2C
Vertiebsorganisation sales organisation company who is offering loans
vollständiges Angebot / vollständige Angebote complete offer an offer that is valid as there is no data missing
Vorgang / Vorgänge case(s) container for consumer- and property-data, offers, applications and documents
Vorgangsnummer case-id reference to case
Zugang user access username and/or identity provider data
Zugriffsrecht access right e.g. on the cases of teammates