Quickstart with Postman Calls

Test calls to the APIs are very helpful to get started quickly. For this we recommend Postman, which works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux.


  1. API access with OAuth client credentials. How to get the client is described here.
  2. at least one Vorgang or Antrag to read the data.

Steps to set up Postman

  1. Postman download and install. There is no registration required.

  2. click on Import button in the upper left corner, then on Import from Link.

  1. paste the following link into the textbox: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/europace/api-sandbox/master/EUROPACE%20API%20Calls.postman_collection.json.

  1. create a new Environment in which several necessary variables must be entered. To do this, click the icon in the upper right corner:

  1. give your Environment a name and create the following variables in it:

Variable NameWhere do I get this?
PARTNER_IDSee above under “Requirements”
CLIENT_IDSee above under “Requirements”
CLIENT_SECRETSee above under “Requirements”
  1. after creating the Environment, make sure that it is active:

Try it out

  1. click on the call in the new collection in the left column (Get OAuth Access-Token).

  1. when you click on send you should get an access_token back. The request will store the access_token into a global variable named {{access_token}} to use the token in further requests. You are now logged in and can use the apis.

  1. try out the awsome europace apis

    GitHub Dokumentation