Frequently asked questions about Europace APIs

What is an API?

“API” is an abbreviation for Application Programming Interface. Europace APIs allow data from BaufiSmart and KreditSmart to be provided and consumed automatically. This is particularly helpful in the preparation or follow-up of advisory procedures or loan approvals.

Who are the Europace APIs for?

The Europace APIs are aimed at fin-techs, sales organisations, loan providers (for real estate financing, installment loans, home loan and savings contracts) and credit-related insurance companies.

Everyone with a Europace account has access to the APIs. To use the APIs, you need developers who are able to work with a common backend language (e.g. Java, PHP, Python or Ruby).

What do I need to get started?

You can find the quick start here:

How do I register a client?

Please have a look at the description of the authorization-api: How do I get a client registered?.

How do I contact Europace?

You can write an email to or open an issue at the corresponding GitHub repository.

What if I find a bug? Where can I open an issue?

Please open an issue at the appropriate GitHub repository. If it is a bug with security implications, please email us at

Where do I submit my requirements?

Open an issue at the appropriate GitHub repository and we will get in touch.

How do I find out about platform downtimes?

You can see the current state of the Europace platform here: If you subscribe to our email distribution list, you will also be automatically notified by email in the event of a platform outage.

How do I get to know about changes in the APIs? For example, when a new feature is available?

All APIs have a corresponding GitHub repository. You can monitor (“watch”) this repository as a GitHub member. If there are any changes or new API releases, you will be notified depending on your settings in your account.

I have discovered a security issue, what should I do?

Please send an email to