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This API enables the user to change the status of an application or to add additional information to the current status. The service expects a POST request with a JSON document as request body.

⚠️ This API is continuously developed. Therefore we expect all users to align with the “Tolerant Reader Pattern”, which requires clients to be tolerant towards compatible API changes when reading and processing the data. This means:

  1. unknown properties must not result in errors

  2. Strings with a restricted set of values (Enums) must support new unknown values

  3. sensible usage of HTTP status codes, even if they are not explicitly documented


The Antragsstatus-API for KreditSmart cases can be accessed at the following URL:

The following properties are available for the request body:

Request parameterDescriptionComment
antragsnummerIdentifier of the application on the Europace2 platformMandatory if no produktanbieterantragsnummer is submitted.
produktanbieterantragsnummerIdentifier of the application to the relevant ProduktanbieterMandatory if no antragsnummer is submitted.
produktanbieterstatusStatus of the application with the ProduktanbieterMandatory, if no antragstellerstatus is submitted. Allowed values are:
antragstellerstatusStatus of the application with the AntragstellerMandatory, if no produktanbieterstatus is submitted. Allowed values are:
kommentarComment, that can be displayed in the GUIOptional
hinweiseList of hint texts, that can be displayed in the GUIOptional

The following HTTP headers will be expected:

Header ParameterDescriptionComment
Content-TypeContent type of the request bodyAlways has to be application/json

In case of success the API will respond with a HTTP status 200.


An authentication is required for each request. This API is secured by the OAuth 2.0 client credentials flow using the Authorization-API. To use these APIs your OAuth2-Client needs the following scopes:

ScopeLabel in PartnermanagementDescription
privatkredit:antrag:schreibenKreditSmart-Anträge anlegen/verändernScope for updating a case

HTTP Status Errors

Error CodeMessageDescription
401UnauthorizedAuthentication failed
403ForbiddenThe API client misses a scope


The examples shown here can be used for testing by curl in the following way:

curl -v -XPOST \
	-H 'Accept: application/json' \
	-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
	-H "Authorization: Bearer ${TOKEN}" \

Produktanbieterstatuswechsel with Produktanbieterantragsnummer

The Produktanbieterstatus for an application with the Produktanbieterantragsnummer 12919351 can be set to UNTERSCHRIEBEN with the following request-body:

  "produktanbieterantragsnummer": "12919351",
  "produktanbieterstatus": "UNTERSCHRIEBEN"

Produktanbieterstatuswechsel with Antragsnummer

Alternatively, the Antragsnummer can be transferred instead of the Produktanbieterantragsnummer:

  "antragsnummer": "985132/1/1",
  "produktanbieterstatus": "UNTERSCHRIEBEN"

Statuswechsel with comment

Furthermore, the status change can also contain a comment which is displayed to the users of KreditSmart in addition to the actual status change:

  "produktanbieterantragsnummer": "12919351",
  "produktanbieterstatus": "ZURUECKGESTELLT",
  "kommentar": "Bitte noch eine Kopie des Personalausweises nachreichen."

If the Produktanbieterstatus already corresponds to the current status, the comment will still be added to the application.

Statuswechsel with comment and hints

It is also possible to add a list of hints, which will then be displayed accordingly in KreditSmart.

  "produktanbieterantragsnummer": "12919351",
  "produktanbieterstatus": "ZURUECKGESTELLT",
  "kommentar": "Bitte reichen Sie noch folgende Dokumente nach:",
  "hinweise": [


The Antragstellerstatuswechsel behaves analogous to the Produktanbieterstatus:

  "produktanbieterantragsnummer": "12919351",
  "antragstellerstatus": "UNTERSCHRIEBEN"

Simultaneous change of Produktanbieter- and Antragstellerstatus

If necessary, both statuses can be changed at the same time:

  "produktanbieterantragsnummer": "12919351",
  "produktanbieterstatus": "UNTERSCHRIEBEN",
  "antragstellerstatus": "UNTERSCHRIEBEN"

Terms of use

The APIs are made available under the following Terms of Use.

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